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The birth of encaptivatedsingles.com arose from my own personal experience spending many frustrating hours/days on dating sites that seemed to lead nowhere…

Maybe you have done the same as I did and with all the best intentions, joined a dating site hoping to find love or that special someone. First impressions always led me to believe that I had done the right thing and finally I had found the correct site to answer my pleas. Some state that they will match you with the person of your dreams, although science and human nature are very different animals in my opinion. How many times has a friend or family member suggested someone to you and they turn out to be completely the opposite of what you were looking for?

The answer is simple, we are human and we all have our own taste or ideas of who would be perfect for us and no one not even your closest friend could dictate this to you. Somebody could have the same star sign as you, enjoy similar things or even have the same traits, but this does not mean that they will be Mr or Mrs Perfect.

Attraction comes from within, when we meet someone that makes our eyes open wider, our hearts skip a beat or you get fluttering in your tummy. Yes, it’s chemistry ladies & gentlemen and no scientist in the world will ever be able to change what makes this happen as we have evolved over thousands of years and know what we like. Relationships form from spending time with that special someone, knowing what makes them tick while falling in love with the individual person they are.

At encaptivatedsingles.com we don’t believe in dictating to you who ‘we’ feel you should date as that is purely up to you and your personal preference. You’ll be able to search our extensive databases of whichever area you wish, while finely tuning search criteria using many different parameters to suit your individual taste.

From our point of view we would like to give you a safe platform in which to do this. Although in recent years it seems to be more and more apparent that scammers use dating sites or people with fake profiles. That is why we insist that every member has a completed profile and profile picture as well as us checking their profile out to make sure they are who they say they are. We also boast secure email & video chat so you can speak to your new interest face to face virtually first before venturing on your date. Actually you will have complete control as to who you interact with, who can see private pictures or videos you have created and if a member makes you feel uncomfortable then we are always here to help keep you safe. If you are happy then so are we…

Many dating sites use third party ‘white label’ databases to give the impression of many profiles to search through. Unfortunately, this leaves the door wide open for scammers, fakes and previously deleted profiles to still show up putting you at risk. At Encaptivated Singles we have our own bespoke database guaranteeing all of our profiles are real people and none are fake or scammers due to the hands on personal verification we use for each profile being set up.

Online dating can be very daunting for the most of us, but hopefully we can help to make you feel secure & safe leaving your confidence alone to shine through allowing that special person to automatically see the amazing person you are. Our advice is to not rush into anything and take your time as it’s not like you’re choosing a new car now is it… Spend time filtering your search criteria, building a fun/honest profile, browse all the potentials you like and then decide who you would like to say hello too. That individual will want to also feel special, so read through their profile and learn more about them before you do get in contact. Then you can relate your message to things they have written about but keep it fun and witty as they won’t want to feel like it’s a job interview. I truly hope that you enjoy your time with us, that you change those virtual flutters you send to people you like into real ones. And if you find that special someone then we would love to hear about it.

Remember: ‘Every story has an end, but in life every ending has a new beginning’

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