Why are there not more people in my area?

Ok people, here's a simple kind of frequently asked question guide to joining

1. It costs nothing to have a profile.
2. The more people register a profile, the more will see your gorgeous pictures and join.
3. No harm will come from having a profile and not using it for a while. No money will ever be charged to you and you can share whatever information you feel comfortable.
4. You can set your privacy settings to hide or show whatever you wish, so you are in control.
5. Think of it as selling yourself to a dashing chap or sexy lady as they will search and see you, then join themselves to chat. Then away you go! ;-)
6. It takes a few minutes to register a profile, oh and did I mention it is completely free with no credit card information, no pending direct debits, no fees whatsoever.

Quality is far better than quantity as the quantity on many other dating sites is questionable with the sheer amount of fakes and scammers they allow on their sites...

Don't waste anymore time and join now! :-)

What about a Payment and is it completely free?

1. Anyone can join & use Encaptivated Singles completely free without any hidden charges.
2. Each new member will receive all the features that a premium member would receive on other dating websites.
3. At no time will this free period run out and absolutely no charges will be levied.
4. Encaptivated singles makes it's money through advertising so we are able to stay free always.

What can you tell me about scammers or fake profiles?

It seems more and more obvious the more we speak to people about other online dating sites. And we are talking major players in the industry that are allowing fake profiles and scammers on their site so putting their members at serious risk. Although even if people are not gullible enough to be taken in by a scammer or fake person, with the shear amount that are allowed to join then this makes your chances of finding someone special completely fruitless. We have stopped 4 scammers in one day previously which is a shocking amount and considering that we are a new business which will give you an indication of how many are on other sites? As we have said many times, we do not tolerate scammers and constantly looking over profiles for inconsistencies and obvious scammer behaviour and when spotted they will be deleted before getting to Encaptivated Singles.

Here are some tips to help you spot them:
1. If they mention God a million times in their profile and sound wholesome and to good to be true.
2. I they are a complete stunner and all over you in messages within the first conversation.
3. If they say that they are not on the website much and want to get you away to an email conversation, so will ask for your email address or give you there's. Also check whether their email address matches their name in some way?
4. They may say that they are 'God Fearing' as this is a classic line in a scammers profile.
5. Look for broken English like 'I want to write you' or something similar & they tend to call everyone 'Dear'.
6. They generally say that they are from somewhere in the USA, mostly Texas.
7. If they are male they sometimes can say that they are widowed to get sympathy from you.

Why can I not upload my profile picture?

This issue has come to my attention now and again. Please ensure that the image you are trying to upload is less than 800x800 pixels mark as otherwise you may encounter problems uploading your profile picture. Any issues at all then contact our customer care team at: or if you want help reducing your picture to 800x800 pixels then also email this to the above email address.

What am I able to access when I join Encaptivated Singles?

Registering a profile & indeed joining us gives you the ability to customise your own personal profile, upload pictures, videos and allow others to know about your interests, hobbies and what you are looking for. You can also search our database, view members & send flutters (flirt). Also, you will have access to all our members, chat to anyone you like, send virtual gifts, talk via video chat, add blogs, use chat rooms and many more facilities.

Why do I have to have my profile checked out when I register?

At Encaptivated Singles safety and value for money are high on our agenda. Thus, to fend off fakes and scammers we would like to check each individual to make sure they are who they say they are. We want to guarantee that you are talking to a real person and feel secure when the time comes to meet them. But in the rare occurrence that anyone slips through the net, then please let us know and we will deal with them accordingly.

Which photos can I upload?

You are free to upload any photos you wish, but we prefer you to have a photo of you as your profile picture for obvious reasons. Try to upload photos of you smiling, acting natural and having fun. On the flip side, try to avoid pictures of your car, motorbike or pets as people will want to see you rather than what you own. Different of course if you are in the picture also. Any explicit or pornographic photos will be deleted and a warning will be given. Do it again and we reserve the right to cancel your subscription with zero reimbursements of funds already paid. This may sound harsh, but we are not that kind of site so you have been warned.

What happens after I have completed my profile during the registration process?'

When you register the process goes as follows:

1. Register your profile & upload a profile picture that is less than 800x800 pixels in size.
2. Once you have registered this you will be awaiting 'Approval' for your profile.
3. Then an automated email will be sent to you confirming this while we check that you are who you say you are. Our ethos is not to have any fakes or scammers so this is essential.
4. Once we have checked your profile and happy, then we will approve your account and email you once more confirming this. Leaving you free to use ALL the functions we offer.
5. I would say 1 in 5 people are scammers which we spot easily and are subsequently deleted before they get to the site.

If I delete my profile and wish to come back to Encaptivated Singles, do I need to have my profile checked again to prove I am who I say I am?

You would have to be checked again as a matter of policy, as we are sole believers in keeping people as safe as possible so make sure every person is checked in case they are not who they say they are and/or a scammer. You can however hide your profile from others with our privacy settings to save you creating another from scratch.

Can we join Encaptivated Singles as a couple?

I'm afraid not. We are 100% a singles site and cannot see of any reason for a couple to join. There are plenty of ‘other’ sites that can cater for this kind of request.

Can I block someone from contacting me?

You can indeed. If someone is being a nuisance or you just do not wish to talk to them, we have given you the facility to block them from sending you any further messages.

How do I search for potential interests by age, gender, distance, likes etc…?

Absolutely! Our search filters give you the option to search by gender, age and in the advanced search section you can search by more specifics using hobbies, eye colour and interests etc… So if you are a woman looking for a man of visa versa, a man looking for another man or a woman looking for a woman then you can do this with ease.

Contacting Encaptivated Singles Customer Care Team?

We have a contact page on the website itself, but if you wish to just email us with any queries, questions or quandaries then drop us a line at and one of our team will get back to you.



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